MZ-1ARM18 is a simple replacement of SHARP RAM disk MZ-1R18 for SHARP MZ-800, MZ-700* or MZ-1500** computers.

It has the same features as the original MZ-1R18 RAM disk, but contains an additional 64 kB of RAM (128 kB total) that can be paged. The RAM disk can also emulate the S-RAM disk of the MZ-1R12, allowing faster program loading. It can be used in conjunction with UniCMT for faster loading of the file manager or for fast transfer of programs to BASIC.

*Use in the MZ-700 requires an adapter or external box, such as the MZ-1U06.

**Use in the MZ-1500 is limited to 64 kB because the E9 port used for paging is occupied by the PSG in the MZ-1500.

28. 11. 2023
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