ARM2SID cables

Additional ARM2SID cables for those who want to use their ARM2SID in more devices. One cable is already included in all ARM2SID options.

You do not have to buy the cables form us, they are standard Molex Picoblade Cable Assemblies plus some aditional components and/or some work. You may have a local distributor near you and save money. The part numbers are:

5 cm cable ... Molex 15134-0600
10 cm cable ... Molex 15134-0601
30 cm cable ... Molex 15134-0603 cut one side + 2 pcs 1N5711 + 3k3 resistor + UFG1H100MDM "Fine Gold" high grade audio capacitor
U64 cable ... Molex 15134-0600 + 1/6 Molex 15134-0602 + crimp Dupont connector

If you buy from us any cables together with other items, the postage for cables is free.

11. 01. 2021
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Product availability
Variant pcs in stock Price (EUR/pc)
with VAT
5 cm 6-pin cable with connector on both sides >10 5.90EUR pcs
10 cm 6-pin cable with connector on both sides >10 6.80EUR pcs
30 cm cable with 1 connector 2 diodes and resistor 3 7.20EUR pcs
Ultimate 64 cable >10 9.90EUR pcs
SID2 socket with 5cm cable 6 11.90EUR pcs