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UNICARD mk3c (MZ-700)

UNICARD mk3c is an external interface card for SHARP MZ-700 and compatible computers. It allows you to simply run MZF/MZT files from a microSD card and provides emulation of standard SHARP peripherals and a VGA output, as well as other inputs/outputs (USB, RS-232C, Ethernet, PS/2, audio).

The UNICARD can emulate standard SHARP peripherals, such as Quick Disk, various RAM disks (RAM, SRAM, SROM, EMM), a floppy controller with 4 floppy disk drives, a serial interface, 80 cols expansions (SUC and K&P), PCG-700 and some newly created peripherals, such as an arithmetic unit ALU, RTC and potentially more, because the firmware is still being updated. The Unicard offers several communication interfaces (Ethernet - HTTP server, USB and RS-232 - USARTShell, 8-bit API MZFRepo).

You are buying just the hardware. There will be firmware installed, but it is community developed and not part of the product and its guarantee. You can download actual firmware and even ask for sources if you are able to contribute to development. Some proprietary Keil tools are required however. Software configuration is done by Unicard Manager. You have to download it and place on your own microSD card. Unicard is sold without microSD card and without CR2032 battery.

This UNICARD mk3c is almost the same as mk3b version for MZ-800/1500, it has only different connector for easy connection to MZ-700 computer by short ribbon cable and nice external alluminium box. It runs the same firmwares set as mk3b.

Thare are following options:

UNICARD for MZ-700 in silver or black alluminium case
You will get UNICARD in nice alluminum case, with laser etched front and back alluminium panels. You will also get short ribbon cable for bus connection and small power cable that fits to joystick port in MZ-700 and has miniUSB connector on the other end to provide power for UNICARD.

UNICARD without case, just working board and bus cable
UNICARD for DIY hobbyist who want to build their own casing. You will get fully working and tested UNICARD PCB and short ribbon cable for bus connection. There is no case, no panels, no serial cable/connector and no power cable. You have to provide power by a standard miniUSB power adapter. When you provide miniUSB power, microSD card (and optionaly CR2032 battery) you will get fully working UNICARD, just without case.

19. 06. 2020
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Silver alluminium case 0 159.00EUR
Black alluminium case 0 165.00EUR
No case, just board and bus cable 0 115.00EUR