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Would you like 2 SID stereo or 3 SIDs? Or FM synthesis?

ARM2SID is a new TWO or THREE SIDs and SFX Sound Expander (OPL FM synthesis) emulator in one DIP28 socket size! You can add the second socket as the second SID if you have stereo adapter or connect wires directly to your Commodore computer.
- up to 12 channels music (two or three SIDs or FM or one SID and FM)!
- for all C64 and C128 boards (please read manual)
- stereo in any combination of SID 6581 or 8580 models
- automatic fall-back to dual mono if second SID is not used
- configuration and upgrades by software utility in C64/C128

ARM2SID options:

  • ARM2SID with the second 2SID socket and a 5 cm cable
    This option is for anyone with 2 SID sockets in a distance up to 20 mm between SID sockets. This is the best option for the most of 2 socket stereo adapters and boards. SFX Sound Expander emulation is possible only if the adapter or board supports DFxx addressing on the second socket (e.g. MixSID and ULTIMATE-64).
  • ARM2SID with the second socket for C64 Reloaded MK2
    Special edition of the previous version, which contains additional resistors to move the external input offset on both sockets that allows the C64 Reloaded MK2 to autodetect ARM2SID as 8580. This is the best option for C64 Reloaded MK2. On the other side the resistors on the input can influence the input signal if the input is used in the future.
  • ARM2SID with the second 2SID socket and a 10 cm cable
    If a 5 cm cable is not enough and your SID sockets are in larger distance than 20 mm between them, then go for this version. If you need even longer cable, please contact us.
  • ARM2SID without the second socket, with a 30 cm connector cable + 2 Schottky diodes + pullup resistor
    This is the most powerful option that allows you to use all ARM2SID features – 2 SID stereo, 3 SID, SFX, SID + SFX. You must solder or use another way to connect wires to your computer. It is not difficult, but you need some experience or ask your friend to do it.
  • ARM2SID with the second 2SID socket and a special cable for Ultimate 64
    This option is the best for Ultimate 64 users. It contains standard 5 cm cable with one wire (A8) longer and finished with Dupont connector for connection to Ultimate 64 pin SID A[5..9]. It allows you to use 3SID and SFX Sound Expander emulation, as well as standard stereo SIDs. Each mode requires slightly different Ultimate 64 and ARM2SID software configuration.

Attention. No stereo expansion board is a part of the product. Just the ARM2SID + optional 2nd socket + cable (depends on chosen variant).

17. 04. 2019
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Product availability
Variant pcs in stock Price (EUR/pc)
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with second socket and 5 cm cable 6 55.00EUR pcs
with second socket and 10 cm cable 7 56.00EUR pcs
no second socket, 30 cm cable 10 53.00EUR pcs
with second socket for C64 Reloaded MK2 >10 56.00EUR pcs
with second socket and cable for Ultimate 64 6 57.00EUR pcs