Would you like stereo? Or FM synthesis?
ARM2SID is new TWO SIDs and SFX sound expander (OPL FM synthesis) emulator in one DIP28 socket size! You can add the second socket as the second SID if you have stero adapter or connect wires directly to your Commodore computer.
- up to 12 channels music (two SIDs or FM or one SID and FM)!
- for all C64 and C128 boards
- stereo in any combination of SID models
- automatic fall-back to dual mono if second SID is not used
- configuration and upgrades by software in C64/C128

Easy instalation:
- easy no-soldering solution for stereo SID expanders (MixSID, SIDFX, SID2SID etc.) or dual-SID boards (ULTIMATE-64) with ARM2SID's optional second socket
- or all in one solution useful without any expander, only 6 wires (suplied with particular connector have to be soldered for address, select and audio pins (A5,A8,R/W,IO1,IO2,Audio R)

Attention. No stereo expansion board is a part of the product. Just one DIP28 ARM2SID + 30 cm cable with connector and free ends on the other side to solder it to your Commodore computer or the second SID2 chip socket with 5 or 10 cm long cable with 2 connectors. 5 cm cable should be enough for the most stereo expansion boards.

ARM2SID is out of stock currently. Estimated availability date is the May 2019. You can click on "availability notification" button and we will let you know when ARMSIDs become available. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
17. 04. 2019
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with second socket and 5 cm cable 0 48.00EUR
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